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The Best 5 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

The Best 5 Ways to Monetize Your Blog Most of us dream of owning our own passive income business and making a few dollars. Heck, I would say that most people want to become financially independent from your website. Me too! This article is written for those people who...

9 Tips To Design A Great Landing Page For Free

9 Tips To Design A Great Landing Page A landing page is a specific page you send your readers to so you can send a single uncomplicated marketing message to your readers.  Often a landing page is used to sell a product or to segment your buyers. Landing pages can...

12 Steps to Supercharge Your Traffic from Facebook

The Top 12 Tips for Engaging Your Facebook Group For a long while I was opposed to interacting with Facebook.  I thought I’d do some research to see if I could make a Facebook Group work for me. It’s all about creating a system to get visitors back to your site and...

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27 Important Ways to Optimize a Blog Post in 2019

27 Ways to Optimize a Blog Post in 2019 OK , so I keep reading what all of the experts are saying about SEO and every one of them say to “Optimize your Blog Post” The experts talk about this like it is no big deal but I wanted to know exactly how to I optimize a blog...

FOCUS: You Need This Unquestionably for Success

It's Time to Start Focus on Setting Your Goals for Success FocusThis is the one thing that I have heard from almost every internet marketer whose course I have taken or video I reviewed.  One of my favorites are the two guys from income school. Ricky and Jim run...

7 things I Have Learned about Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing? How Can I become a successful affiliate marketer? Here’s the start of how I am establishing my affiliate marketing business. You will learn and follow along and see my successes and failures in my business.

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