Let’s face it.  Blogging can take up a lot of your time and mentally, it can wear you down.  There are quite a few 12 to 16 hour days for an active blogger and sometimes you just need to take a break from blogging and focus on other things.  

If you’re like me you start guilting yourself about taking some time off from blogging.  I’m not one for plopping myself in front of the television to watch a 2-hour movie. I have to have something on the go.  

I  (and I suspect most bloggers have that “type A” streak in them) you can have a hard time letting go to take a break.  Here’s a list of things to do that might be a little less taxing on your brain when your not blogging that will still keep your blogging business moving in the right direction.

For some people wearing yourself out can also mean developing writer’s block.  

1 Research future blog posts

We all need to do it and research can be made easier by creating a blogging title list.  One way I develop blog topics is to type a general topic into Google and see what comes up in the suggested search results.  This helps narrow my focus to a particular subtopic. I then cut and paste questions that I think I can work on into a Google doc.  

I love using Google docs because I can work on my desktop, or on a laptop, my tablet or my phone or a remote computer and still have an updated version no matter where I go.  

I will look at the related topics in the related question section that you see in many search queries and then at the bottom of the first page titled “people also searched for”  I’ll often check Reddit and Quora for topics as well.

When I’m researching in this initial stage I do a lot of cutting and pasting and I may have a full page of links for each topic that I research.  

2 Review Articles

Subscribe to Google Alerts.  Google Alerts delivers you headlines of articles in a field that you choose.  You choose the keywords you wish to follow and Google delivers you articles and news daily or weekly.  

This can spark some great ideas for the future.  It’s fairly passive so it doesn’t require a lot of intensity on your part and new ideas can get you recharged.

3 Take Some Training

There are countless short training programs on the internet.  Some are free and some are paid. Most courses are broken into lessons which can be “snackable”  You don’t have to watch a training course for hours. There are many introductory courses that actually provide all of the information you may need to hone your knowledge.

4 Read a book

Reading a book can be relaxing and informative all at the same time.  Reading helps hone your writing skills as well. You see many styles from other authors when reading their books. Reading other people’s work he will be able to decide what you like and what you want to mimic in your own writing.  You need to be reading other people’s work in order to develop your own style.

If you are an Amazon Prime member you can borrow up to ten books at one time. you also get Amazon premium shipping and Amazon Prime video included with your membership. Amazon Prime is an excellent value for the money.

5 Take a Course

Taking a course is for the most part passive.  You can take notes if you like and create a strategy based on course ides but you don’t have to. Taking a course can help you with a deeper understanding of a topic.  There are many free online courses offered by many different websites. You may find different blogging academies that offer free courses. Many email providers offer free courses and places like HubSpot offer courses on social media.

6 Plan You Next Few Posts

A brainstorming session might be just what you need to get re-energized. One of the best ways to brainstorm is to look through various internet searches on Google. Use Google auto-suggest and Google related searches to come up with an expanded number of ideas for posts.

7 Work On Building a Course

When you’re working on a course you could be writing,  Creating an outline, creating slides, or just doing some research.  The idea is to keep moving forward I’m getting some work done.

8 Listen To A Podcast

There are thousands upon thousands of podcasts to listen to in just about every topic that you can imagine. if you were too worn out from blogging you can listen to a podcast for just about anything. Podcasts can we listen to in your car a plug-in a headset and sit on the couch or out in a park if you want and get some new ideas going.

9 Watch A Youtube Video

Like a podcast, YouTube has all kinds of topics to enjoy. YouTube also requires a bit more of your attention because you’re watching a video. If you’re still in the work mode and you are watching videos that are work-related it might pay to take a couple of notes for future reference.

10 Look For Affiliate Programs

One of the things that you can do in your downtime is to look for new affiliate programs that pay well and would be a benefit to your business. If you have an email list and you email your list regularly with offers including more affiliate programs is part of the lifeblood of your income. It’s important to have new offers ready all the time for your audience.

You can look for new affiliate offers on websites like ShareASale or ClickBank. try to stay with mainstream vendors. Some small vendors with poor products are sometimes flagged by credit card companies and your sale may not complete.  

11. Look on Fiverr for Future Helpers

The quality of workers on  Fiverr is debatable. I have certainly spent money on services I was not happy with, but every so often you run across a gem. One of the ways that I seek out writers and artists on Fiverr is not to go looking for a gig but to put up a call for writers or artists and let them respond to me. This way they understand what money I am willing to pay, and I get to see samples of their work. It’s much better when you have people responding to you who understand the conditions of your work before creating a gig. When I post an offer on Fiverr to find authors and artists I usually end up with dozens of people applying to got that gig.

12. Look Through Your Current Articles/Posts To See What Might Need Revision

Once you start getting a substantial number of blog posts you will need to review them on a regular basis to see what needs to be updated to reflect current information. This is an opportunity to review one of your blog posts and do a little research on that blog post to see if you can make it better and thus improve its rankings.

If you are using RankMath to assist with optimizing your blog posts,  This would be a good time to review the suggestions in Rank math to see if there are any ways to improve the optimization of your post.

13. Check Your Interlinking To Make Sure There Are No 401s

Every site eventually ends up with some 401 redirects.   I don’t think there is any way around this. Every change you make to your site introduces the potential for a 401 redirect. Having some downtime gives you an opportunity to test various links on your site to see if they are still valid links. Check your links in an organized fashion going through one article after another and one page after another to see if there are broken links that will result in a 401 redirect. You may even find that some of your affiliate vendors have changed links and you will need to reset those links on your website.

14. Make insightful comments on others blog posts. (backlinks)

An excellent way to get some backlinks for your website is to find other bloggers in a similar Niche to your website and make some insightful comments on their articles. Most do allow you to comment and allow for a no follow backlink to your site. This can mean for you that you will obtain thousands of backlinks over the course of a year based on how many times you are able to comment on other people’s blogs. Along the way you may develop some working relationships with other bloggers that will allow you to guest post on their site giving you more opportunities to increase traffic on your site.

15. Reach out to other bloggers and say hello.  Future JVs?

Once you are established and have a number of articles up on your website you should consider reaching out to other bloggers to see if there are future opportunities for you to create content with these people.   this will allow you to share some content with another website owner and jointly you may publish that content on places like your podcast or YouTube, a course that you are creating or even in a book that you might be writing.   you may find that working with another blogger you will be able to create and share email respondents to webinars and virtual summits. there is often a Synergy when more than one business works together for a common purpose.

16. Spy On Your Competitors And See If They’re Doing Anything Innovative

While I call it spying on your competitors let’s just call it, competitive research. You need to see what other people are doing in your industry. If there is a new product or method you need to be informed about it. For instance, if you are in the health industry you need to continue to review the latest information published by leaders in the industry. Some of this information might be on medical sites or on fitness sites or somewhere where research is being done into the niche that you are in. Don’t get left out when new information becomes available. Your competitors will be blogging about new developments and you will need to keep up.  Using your downtime for this purpose is an excellent idea that can keep your blog growing and getting more page views.

17. Proof read blog posts you are getting ready to publish

Proofreading has to be the bane of my existence. There’s nothing I hate more than proofreading and I tend to write some articles and then put off proofreading for a long while.  Then I have to look through my writing folder to see what I’ve written and what I still need to work on. Actually, it is a good idea to let your articles rest for a while and let the information become stale in your mind before reading your articles over with the intent or making corrections.

In some cases, you may want to leave your article even after you proofread it for a second round of proofreading. Using this downtime can sometimes be the way to go when it comes to proofreading.

18. Reshare Your Blog Posts on Social Media

When it comes to most social media outlets longevity of a post is not one of the strong suits. I’ve often heard terms like the half-life of a tweet as one second. It’s relatively easy to share tweets and Facebook posts and often is just a simple click. Here’s another way to use your down time productively. if you have a social media scheduling program this is an excellent time to fill the bucket so you will have posts ready into the future.

You could also use your downtime to direct message some of your followers on Twitter and ask them to visit your website for an offer that you are promoting.

19. Create Interview Questions For Future Interviews And Articles

Let’s say that you are a health and fitness blogger for a moment and you want to start interviewing some exceptional athletes in a number of different fields. Maybe the goal of your article is to compare training regimens for different sports. Here’s an opportunity for you to start creating some questions that you will be asking each of the athletes that you will be interviewing. You can create a table in Google Docs and start adding questions to the table and then you will be able to compare various training regimens to see what athletes are doing to stay competitive.

This will work in any niche. reaching out to elite people in the field will get you traffic because their names are mentioned in your articles as well as it will be an interesting topic to cover.

20. Reach out to influencers and ask for an interview

Influencers carry a lot of weight with search engines and if you have enough material on your blog to interest an influencer you may be able to land a few interviews with this group of people.  When reaching out for an interview be sure to find the benefit for the influencer to deal with you. Use the concept of “Why would they want to deal with me?” What do you offer an influencer? Is your target audience a bit different than what they have now?  Are you going to promote the interview on a long term basis? Will you create a video? Create a podcast from the interview? Transcribe it on your site? Always remember to be promoting your influencer. Ask how the influencer would like promotion as well. They may give you some excellent ideas and insights into promoting your site.  

21. Review PLR and see if you can adapt it for your Blogging

PLR or Private Label Rights material is prewritten material that you and anybody who wants to spend the money can buy.  Consider it a step down from getting material personally written for you.

PLR is sometimes not of the highest quality but can often be a starting point for your own articles.  The newer the work the better. PLR articles from 10 years ago, even if evergreen, is from another era.  You may find a short report written 10 years ago that may be a 60-page ebook today. Newer PLR is of better quality than most of the older stuff.  

You can go to IDPLR and get a bunch older stuff for free and you may be able to cobble together some decent articles but the better quality stuff is in a members area.  This is where you will find better quality writing that is up to date.

There is a link to IDPLR later in this article

22. Update your website’s theme and plugins

Most bloggers, when they get busy they can forget to perform website maintenance.  We all know how important it is. Security updates are obviously the most important but often plugin updates improve the functionality of your site.  Even the best developers can put something out they think works great only to have people start complaining of a breakdown that was totally unexpected.  You should be in your site at least weekly and more often if possible. Once you’ve updated the site, check it out on your desktop, your tablet and your phone.  It’s important that your site works across all platforms. Mobile has gained a lot of ground and will be the dominant platform going forward. Just look at how many phones are featuring 512 gigs right now.  A terabyte in a phone is just around the corner.

23. Write some social media posts

If you have social media accounts you should be posting to them daily.  Sometimes it is hard to find something that your audience would enjoy. You can use your downtime to read through your articles and find little gems of wisdom that you can share.  

Make a list of excerpts from your blog posts that are share-worthy and schedule them in your social media posting program. Ideally, you can also find other stories from other authors that will make your social media posts less salesy. A blend of social media posts seems to work best for most bloggers

24. Clean your workspace

Some people say they know where everything is in their mess. I was in one person’s office and there were file folders and papers in no semblance of order.  My first impression when walking into his office was that of a cave. Paper was everywhere. Paper was thicker in the corners and the edge of the floor where it meets the wall. Some paper was so old and was run over with his chair so many times that it had turned to coarse dust.  I asked if they had received the information I sent him. He turned around and dug through the pile. (reminded me of an archaeological dig) and to my surprise, he found my material.

Not everyone has the ability to work in conditions like this.  In fact, I think it impeded this fellow’s performance as well. The point I am making is that if your office space is clean it is easier to concentrate on what’s important.

Take a few minutes and organize and file your paperwork, dust your desk and organize your cords. When you go back to the regular work of blogging you will be surprised how good it feels.

25. Go For A Walk – Get The Creative Blogging Juices Flowing Again

Nothing can rejuvenate you like the great outdoors.  Take a walk in a park where it is quiet and you can let the sunshine and warm your face.

If the weather is bad, find a quiet spot indoors.  I’m lucky enough to live in a place where there is an indoor exotic bird sanctuary and a butterfly conservatory along with a couple of museums and art galleries.  

I tend to stay away from shopping malls but I have hit the odd cafe with my laptop from time to time to get some work done.  A place where you can think without too many distractions is the best.

A walk for some exercise or time in a quiet space is a great way to enjoy the world and give you a much-needed break

26 Sleep

Sleep energizes, whether its a nap or a good night’s sleep. We all need sleep to function.  If you want a good night’s sleep avoid coffee and get comfy. Sometimes a good book in your Kindle reader is all you need to help you to drift off.  


So just because you feel tired of blogging or are suffering from temporary writer’s block is no reason to give up.  There are lots of productive things you can do to further your blogging business.

If you are trying to write and you just can’t get the words out from writer’s block just write one question relating to the topic you are trying to write about and answer it in 3 to 5 sentences.  The answer another question and keep repeating this process until you have a completed article.


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