4 Tactics To Explode Your Email List To Add 1000 Or More Subscribers.

Getting 1000 email subscribers or more, for some online entrepreneurs seems to be so easy.  

I’m going to discuss two ways of getting your list up to and past 100 new subscribers and maybe even 1000 new subscribers.  

You have to remember that many of the big dogs in your niche have been around for some time and have a very well established website.  

They have a huge number of articles, and, they have perfected the art of enticing readers to become subscribers. This is known as the art of copywriting.

They may have a podcast with hundreds of episodes.  They may have a YouTube channel with hundreds of videos. They may have written hundreds of articles and guest posts that reach millions of readers.

You will get there soon enough. But you will need to keep working at it every day for the foreseeable future.  Until you are there you need a way to get some buyers to your products and services.

You and I, well,l we’re not at that phase of our online career so we have to work harder to get our email list up and running. That’s where the following email strategies will help.

So how do you start?

Well I am assuming that you have some goals around developing your email list.  Do you know what you will do with your list once you actually get subscribers?

Let’s talk briefly about what type of goals you should have.

  1. Develop your first 20-30 email newsletters with links
  2. Develop a product giveaway or lead magnet(consider several for different needs of your buyers)
  3. Develop landing pages for each lead magnet
  4. Get an email marketing platform that allows you to automate your email marketing  
  5. Develop pop-ups, exit intention pop-ups and floating bars
  6. Implement a strategy to get people to your landing page.
MailerLite Email Marketing for Small Business

Developing a set of initial emails.

If you don’t get a number of emails newsletters ready you will likely lose sales.  Planning an email sequence is important in developing a sales funnel that will ultimately turn readers into buyers.

I have to admit, I’m as guilty as anyone when getting ahead on emails.  It’s difficult to do with all of the other things on my to do list. I have hired a part-time writer to assist me.

I’m a classic case of “Do as I say and not as I do” here!

You might consider using Fiverr* to find someone to write your sales copy for your landing pages and email copy.  Or you might take a Udemy Course on Copywriting*

Taking a course will teach you what works so even if you hire someone on Fiverr* you will know what to expect and what they should be giving you.

Your offer or lead  magnet

Now comes the point where you entice your reader to signup for your emails. This is called a lead magnet.  Initially you can start with just one form of lead magnet but eventually you will want to have several different forms of lead magnets.

You can offer a 5 day mini-course in your niche or a checklist or an ebook.  If you are selling goods where you can offer discounts or freebies this can also work but a small discount almost never works.  

If you become an instructor on Udemy you could offer a coupon for 100% discount on a short course with the idea that having someone on you email list is much more valuable than the money you would have got for the course.   

You can get ebooks from IDPLR* and make some small re-writes to call them your own.  IDPLR* also has email swipes, audios, videos, free music drops and a whole lot more.  They have all sorts of items you can use to develop a list with.

The idea of developing many lead magnets is to offer something for everyone.  Some lead magnets will promote better than others and each may have a place in the system. 

Landing Pages

Once you get a visitor to come visit you, your goal is to have them sign up for your email newsletter and offers.  

If you have them come to a blog post or a page that is not focused on getting the reader to sign up you will have a lower number of sign ups or “conversions”

Most likely you have been on a landing page at some point while surfing around.  Often landing pages let you do nothing other than sign up.

You can’t even go to another page because there are no links to anywhere other than a signup form on the page.

Landing pages typically have a

  • headline,
  • sales copy,
  • an image of the offer and
  • a signup form.

Landing pages if done through your email provider may have the ability to show two or more different pages to do A/B split testing.  This can be important. If Landing page ”A” is converting 1% and Landing page “B” is converting at 3% don’t look at it as insignificant. Landing page “B” has a 200% increase over “A”. Over time that can add up to quite a few name on your list.  

Optimize your Landing Pages

Landing pages that are on your site should use keywords that will assist in your SEO.  It is another page that will be indexed by search engines. Make sure you review my article on Blog Post Optimization.  Much of this information is also useful on landing pages as well.

Get an email marketing program.  

I use Mailerlite*

The reason I use Mailerlite*  is because they are free for the first 1000 emails and they have all of the features of the larger email marketing providers. When you get close to the 10,000 subscriber level their prices are only $50 per month.  

The cost for some of the top email marketing providers in $20 per month to start and double the cost for Mailerlite* $50 per month plan.

Mailerlite* is easy to use and setup.  You can design your own form, landing pages and popups.  It has a full feature set. It also gives free users loads of functionality that doesn’t force you into a paid system.  The only thing that will force you to a paid plan are subscribers.

Popups and other sign up forms

Not everybody will make it to a landing page.  Some people find their way straight to an article.  Think about what you can give these readers that will help them make up their mind.  

The difference between a popup and a landing page is that your landing page can give a much stronger message to your reader than the popup or inline form.  So consequently your popup may have to give better value to your reader to entice them to sign up.

Now, Your strategy to Get to 1000 Email signups.  

If you hit the ground running with quite a number of blog posts you will have a substantial number of reasons for readers to come to your site.  It will still take Google 6 months or longer to start promoting your site.

I have heard some bloggers say it was six months almost to the day before they got any traffic from Google.  That is why, if you want to hurry the process along you need to have multiple strategies to get your list growing.  

If Google sees that you are getting lots of visits without search engine results they may start promoting your site sooner.  The same goes for YouTube, Dailymotion and any other media-rich site like your podcasting provider.

It is these synergistic effects that may grow your readership and your email list quicker than would normally be expected.

But let’s talk about specifics.  

What can I do exactly to start working on growing my list?

Assuming you have done what I stated earlier, that is, getting all of the preparation ready for your readers to join your email list, we can start talking about how you will attract them.  

Solo Ads

Solo ads are where you get someone to email their list and tell their readers about your services.  You can expect to write the words for a solo seller. There are basically two types of solo sellers.

Mass-market where the seller is in possession of thousands of email addresses and does a super big blast for you, maybe millions of email addresses.

The higher quality solo sellers who are allowing you to approach their list but at a cost of $0.60 each click up to $10.00 per click.  These are clicks and not conversions.

The solo seller has done their job by warming up their audience and sending them over to your site – that’s a click.  Conversion is when they actually join your list.  That’s up to your offer and great sales copy.

If you are in the Forex, insurance, the stock market or loan business,  expect to pay top dollar. If however, you are in the gardening niche or some other niche you can expect to pay closer to the bottom of the pricing structure

Udimi* offers a $5.00 discount to first-time users through my link.  It is the best place to find quality solo deals. By dealing with sellers on Udimi* you are protected against robot (or bot) traffic.  These are real people on the list.

You will find that some offers convert better than others and some offers convert at different rates depending on the mood of your audience.  If you were to make an offer about the stock market right after a scathing expose’ article about stock fraud you may end up with less than if you had made the offer another time.   

With high-quality Solo deals with good landing pages, you can expect 5%-30% of the people clicking through to your landing page will convert and with low-quality solo deals, you could get as little as 1 in 10,000 emails clicking through to your site.    

You can experiment with both types of solo ads.  The low and high-quality ones. If you deal with low-quality traffic from Fiverr*, check your seller’s reputation and lower your expectations dramatically.

Social Media

You are probably sick of people telling you that you can build a fortune through social media. Me too. So I’m going to tell you about a twist on social media that seems to work for marketers who put in the time.

Message Overlays with ClickMagick*

ClickMagick*  is a simple tool that allows you to overlay your own custom message onto any piece of content. You don’t have to own the content to add your message, so you can appear on Mashable, New York Times, TechCrunch and pretty much wherever you wish!

This creates an opportunity for you to include a call-to-action like a button linking back to your website.  allows you to add custom overlays to any website, ads retargeting if you are doing advertising, allows you to cloak links, has built-in A/B split testing and so much more.  Please go check it out for yourself.

So all you have to do is to share a link you make through ClickMagick* and it will add your message to any link you share.  You can share your competitor’s links and put an overlay that encourages the reader to join your email list!  

 With A/B split testing you can see what types of links are working the best for you as well.

ClickMagick* also allows you to lock content.  So internally or externally you can add links to  specialized content that will force readers to sign up to view the content.  

I’ll be using ClickMagick* to run a test lab and if you want to view the results it will be behind a sign up wall made with ClickMagick*  

The ClickMagick* basic $12/mo plan give you 10,000 clicks a month giving you lots of power.  If you can share links that produce 10,000 clicks per month you will surely have an email optin rate of at least 1%-2% even for a basic offer.   

That means that based on about $10 per year per subscriber (an industry standard for calculating email value) your basic ClickMagick* subscription should produce a value of $100-$200 per month.  

I hope that you get a better opt-in than that but almost any way you look at it, it’s easily worth the money and the $33 per month plan will allow you 100,000 clicks per month or an estimated email value of $1000-$2000 per month.  

Believe me, you will want to be busy sharing content after you get your email system set up and get rolling.  Especially with the return potential involved!

Even if you were a local marketer you could get people to sign up to your list with local articles and offer to market to that list for local businesses.  The possibilities of ClickMagick* are almost endless.  

Ask for Sign ups with your friends

Share with your newsletter with friends on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter and Instagram. Share with your personal email list as well.  

Ask for permission to put them on your list and add them manually or better yet once you have a lead magnet to offer ask them to go over to sign up to your list.  Because these people know and trust you, you can expect a higher than average number of sign ups.


Getting a high number of email subscribers does not have to be hard but it does take some effort.  

  • Design your email marketing system
  • Take courses or read up on writing great sales copy
  • Implement a strategy to get people coming to your landing page
  • Implement a strategy to share content and earn subscribers
  • Implement a strategy to get your acquaintances involved
  • Implement a strategy for people that actually and on articles on your website.

 Keep a watch out for my results of using these strategies in my lab to see how many email subscriptions I can produce. Once it is up and running I’ll be building for 3-6 months and sharing my results.  If the results are promising I’ll be continuing the experiment and I’ll let you in on the earnings potential that exists as well

 Here are the affiliate links from this article of products I know use and trust

 Fiverr* Labor brokerage

Mailerlite* Email Marketing

Udimi* Solo ads brokerage

IDPLR* Private Label ebooks, music and video

Udemy Course on Copywriting* – online courses

ClickMagick* – marketing, tracking optimizing all in one place


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