Getting Started – What I have learned

I’ve been playing with the concept of affiliate marketing for a long time and I never seem to have gotten it right.  I might have misunderstood certain portions of it but with some recent training, I think I have it nailed.  I want you to go along on my foray into affiliate marketing where you can see what I’m doing and get the explanation step by step so you can learn from my efforts.

One of the first things I found what was the amount of misinformation and conflicting information there is on the internet about affiliate marketing. Every affiliate marketer seems to have their own way of doing things and, in many cases, it seems to contradict what others might be saying about how they work their business.

“Google Matters”

One person is saying don’t bother trying to get rankings on Google and the next says it’s the way to go. Some tell you never mind a website just get on Facebook.  From what I’ve seen Facebook is not your friend and it does less every day to help entrepreneurs like you and me. Facebook now forces you to pay to talk to the audience you have built up.   

“Don’t Buy Lists” 

And yet other marketers will tell you to go buy mailing lists and build your own list from the people who respond to your offer.  I don’t see a relationship being built in this method, just sales.  Customers will tire of this quickly.  

“Treat This Like a Business”

So I guess one of the first things to learn is that there are many different strategies to achieve the same goals and you cannot necessarily mix strategies but probably better to focus on one of them. You could focus on selling and promoting Jv-Zoo products or you can focus on blogging and selling affiliate products with blogging or through social media or any other number of ways that I read or heard about.

You can buy courses on almost every aspect of affiliate marketing and again you will see contradictory methods of attempting to achieve the same goals. I can point you to a hundred different Amazon books who were the authors have different ideas and methods make money at affiliate marketing.  

“It’s a Matter of Trust”

So who do you trust?  And what about all of the experts who haven’t made a dime on the internet.  I remember asking in the comment section of one youtube vlogger how he was doing since he was telling everyone how they could make money. The comments were closed the next day.  

A lot of the gurus just tell you to go buy ads and that’s fine for them to say but if you’re starting out on a shoestring how do you do it?

Personally, there are a couple of internet marketers I do trust and I’ll be working on their systems during this journey.  

One thing that all marketers (well 99%) will agree on is that it takes work to get where you want to be.  Doable, yes but everyone’s story includes how they worked like a dog to get their business off the ground.

“Don’t Show

 Me How to Use Email Software,

Show Me How to Get Traffic to My Offer.”

The other thing that puzzles me is people that tell you that you need a list and rather than showing you how to maximize the traffic and give you good landing pages they show you how to use email software.  Most of us who sign up for an autoresponder account with companies like AWebber or Get Response can figure it out or talk to their support department to get your email up and running. What I need (and I think most people need) is to get more people to my website and how I can convert them into customers.  7 things I Have Learned about Marketing

The people who do it successfully either don’t want to tell you or have a hard time articulating the reasons why they do what they do.

The one thing that I think all competent and ethical marketers will agree on is that in these competitive times you must give extremely good value to be successful.  That means that starting with your free lead magnet and every product you offer your customers must be of high quality. When your customer receives your product they must believe they got great value for the money.  Enough so that these customers will continue to make purchases in the future.

“Reality over Expectations equals Happiness”

7 things I Have Learned about Marketing

Dave Nicols a supermarket chain store president who came up with Presidents Choice products said in his commercials that “Reality over Expxctations equal Happiness” (at least in purchasing goods) That was a great way of saying that his company would over-deliver so we as customers would be satisfied,  I think we can all thank Dave for this little equation. Don’t sell a product If you think your customers won’t be truly satisfied with their purchase.

Now you know my frustrations what affiliate marketing and also my philosophy on over-delivering value to the customer.   Over-delivering value comes becomes from me basically being lazy I don’t want to have to mine for a customer twice. I have seen some marketers offer their own products as bonuses to an offer, which I think is a great idea to add real value.

“Follow Along – Lets Learn Together!”

So here’s my offer to you. Follow along with me over the next year why I build my affiliate marketing business. Together we will look at various email providers, social media outlets, affiliate training programs,  affiliate offers, hosting services, PLR, Content creation and anything else that I can think of that will make all of us successful online marketers. I’ll investigate claims by other marketers and maybe even try them out along the way.

Best of all, it will all be FREE for you to follow along with me.  There are only two things that I will ask of you; number one be active in the comment section of my website and I’d constructive ideas want me to try out. Number two from time to time if I find a good product I decide to offer it to you turn affiliate link I ask that you use it if you choose to purchase that product. it won’t be any charge any of what I am offering and using affiliate links will not add to your cost. I don’t think that’s a big ask but you’re under no obligation in any event.

Along with that offer, I will also give you access to various private label rights products for you to use in your efforts to create read magnets and offers for your customers. I will also offer training programs but if I’m on the internet and was able to obtain to assist you in understanding some of the basics affiliate marketing.

Like I said earlier it’s all free. just follow along and add to the community let’s nail this thing together. Below, in the description is a link to my sign up form and let’s get started making an online income together. Below, in the comments please let me know if you have a website now or if you plan to have one. Maybe we can feature your website in the Case Studies 7 things I Have Learned about Marketing

This site is all self-edited and occasionally I do miss spelling grammar or punctuation. Bear with me and I’ll work at getting better 

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