9 Tips To Design A Great Landing Page

A landing page is a specific page you send your readers to so you can send a single uncomplicated marketing message to your readers.  Often a landing page is used to sell a product or to segment your buyers.

Landing pages can measure the effectiveness of your advertising by measuring how many people click over to your page.

You want to design a landing page to welcome visitors who have clicked on your advertisement or social media post.  Your landing page design should be short and sweet, get to the point and offer tremendous benefits to your audience.  

In this post, I’m going to show you how to save money and make your own landing page, the basics of designing a landing page and how to integrate a mailerlite* sign up form directly into your landing page.  

There are tons of companies offering stock landing pages pre-built waiting for your customization.  The problem with these landing pages is they are all very expensive because you need to buy a landing page service on a monthly basis.

There is no simple one time fee for a landing page and most companies want way too much.  They are taking advantage of newbie marketers who are stretched for time.

So in essence, you’re basically paying a high price to have someone host a stock design landing page on their site.  If you take you time and study what you need to do you can save yourself over $300 a month in landing page fees.

Building your own landing page is an easy process when you use a web builder like Divi from Elegant Themes*. There are no monthly fees except for your hosting.

It only takes just a small amount of effort to build a landing page because the modules are already there.  

The thing that worries most of us is how it will look when it’s completed.  You should keep your landing page design short and keep the message simple.

Here are some design tips:

Less is more

Your not writing a 1500 word article like me!  All you want to do is get your reader to become your subscriber.  What will you give them for the sign up? Before you make up your mind do some web surfing and decide what really entices you.  Then possibly design a giveaway or a free trial around that your idea.

Colors should be bold but not overwhelming

I believe that colors should stand out but not overwhelm your visitor.  If your landing page is fluorescent green your visitor may be thinking “wow that’s bright”  rather than thinking about your message. So the message is to use color boldly but a bit subdued.

Don’t make people hunt for the sign-up form

Keep the sign up form large and “above the fold” or visible before you start to scroll.  The less you put on the form the better. If for some reason your landing page needs to be longer put a second sign up form below the fold.  Ideally though keep your landing page design short.

Keep your sign up form short

Simply ask for the person’s first name, email address and these days a compliance checkbox and that’s it.  Don’t ask for a survey to be completed on the sign up form.

Every time you ask for more information you reduce the number of sign ups that you get.  With mobile signups the least amount of info is an absolute necessity.

Use compelling sales copy

Your readers and potential subscribers want to know what’s in it for them. Here’s how to structure your copy.  

If your website is in cooking, maybe you sell training and recipes.  What your reader wants is

  • Great tasting food
  • Time saving
  • Help with presentation
  • Nutrition

Your sales copy does not center on your recipes but on your outcomes.

When you sign up for YXZ Culinary Classes you will be making delicious, nutritious food in no time. You will find new flavors that will make your dishes to die for.

Your exquisitely beautiful dishes will become LEGENDARY with your friends and colleagues.  

Even master chefs will be impressed with your culinary skills.

But the word is out and our classes fill up fast.

Sign up today and receive our BONUS  XYZ Culinary Awards plaque to display on your wall  

So you see here I did not write a book.  It’s just six lines of text that are better than asking someone to join your cooking class.  

A Sample Landing Page for this article

9 Tips To Design A Great Landing Page For Free

Sell the Sizzle

If you don’t have a call to action in your offer you might get people thinking “Nice…I’ll sign up when I get around to it”  

You want people to sign up fast so include a “sizzle line” with a bonus to act now. You might include a countdown timer to act in the next 30 minutes.  You might have an offer that closes regularly and asks people to sign up when it reopens ( depending on the offer it could reopen daily or weekly)

The idea with using a call to action is to get a fast response from your potential buyer.

It’s all about how you can make your buyers want your offer more.  Have you ever been to a presentation and the presenter stated “I hope I have enough handouts to go around”  or called up a real estate agent and the agent said “I’ll think that property might be sold, it’s being shown right now”  

The presenter and the real estate agent both were increasing desire for the product.

Video sells more than static graphics

There have been studies done that demonstrate that video increases conversions by over 80%.  

It helps people stay on your landing page longer giving more time for your message to sink in.  The longer people are on your page (to a degree) the better the chance of a sign up.

If you star in your own production you raise the trust factor and that also adds to the number of sign ups you will get.

Finally, some buyers prefer to consume video over reading.  

Add reinforcement statements

Reinforcement can be many things depending on the website.  

  • What will your buyer experience
  • What resources will your buyer get and how will it benefit them

Always be thinking of what’s in it for my buyer.  Think in terms of time saving, making money , prestige, simplicity, savings.  

Add social proof and testimonials

Testimonials from a couple of your previous buyers or even family or friends who have tried your product can go along way to helping you get sales.  People want to be sure it is not a scam and any social proof you can give them helps.

I know it seems odd.  You could create two or three persons who give a fake testimonial but buyer psychology, especially when spending money online means having social proof.  Cautious buyers do not want to be the first.

Hooking up your form from your Mailerlite* account

Now with mailerlite* you can create a landing page right on their site or create an embedded form.  We want the embedded form for a landing page you will create on your site. Remember if there is any SEO juice at all we want it.  

From your dashboard (after you have signed up for your free account

  • click on forms,
  • then click on embedded forms,
  • then click on create embedded forms and
  • click on new
  • Name your form
  • Click on your website name

Then you will be presented with a generic form that you can easily customize.

  • Once your done
  • click next and
  • copy the HTML code they generate to your DIVI code box.  

Your all set.  Simple to design and simple copy and paste.  


Landing pages can be used for many things.  Longer landing pages can actually sell and shorter landing pages are useful to develop the top of the sales funnel.  

 Short landing pages with strong messages for your readers make saying “yes: for your reader easy.  

The one thing I didn’t cover here is getting more eyes to your landing pages. You can use a product like Clickmagick* in get your message out in hundreds or even thousands of places all over the internet.  

The more times you are able to show a link through a program like Clickmagick* the more click backs you will get and it may be even worth it to hire an assistant through Fiverr to help you out.  But that’s another article!

So remember

  • Short page
  • Don’t go crazy with bright colors
  • Sign up form above the fold
  • Simple sign ups,
  • Compelling copy,
  • Video
  • Time limits or class size limits
  • Reinforcement, and
  • Testimonials

Will make a great landing page.  

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