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This site is dedicated to help our readers seek honest ways people can make a real living online and this site is not here to teach people how to hawk every piece of poor quality or gimmicky software that you can find on many of the of the internet marketing forums.  

I am always happy to collaborate with other bloggers.  I seek good writers who can cover a topic with detail and depth.  My ideal article length is 2500 words but depending on the topic 2000-5000 words may be appropriate.  Ideally your take on a subject will be something that is so specific it rises above most of the general topics we see in today’s blogs.

Topics I would encourage, email marketing, content creation, book writing, podcast, and video marketing, website tools, round-up posts, testing and tracking of campaigns and more.

The expectation is when you hand an article over to me it is ready for publication.  While I will review it I expect to make little in the way of changes.

Your submission becomes the property of You may use your article and re-purpose it outside of

We pay Guest Bloggers!  In addition to adding your own do-follow backlink in the article  I pay per pageview.  When your article hits 50,000 page views we pay $30 to your Paypal account and we pay for each 50,000 page views after that. Payment bonuses available for multiple article submissions that excel!    

Articles are there solely for the purpose of educating our readers and no self-promotion is allowed as per Googles spam link building guideline.  The quality of your writing should speak for itself. You are allowed an author’s link (do-follow backlink) and you are free to mention this site in your CV/resume if you are looking to build your body of work for employment.

My process is

  1. Contact form and proposal 
  2. Reply and discussion of proposal. We send you a template to follow.
  3. Agreement and time frames to finish the article and proposed publication date
  4. Article submission
  5. Review, revisions if required
  6. Publication

Please use the contact form on this page for initial contact.  We will find more appropriate methods of communication for a working relationship.  Please fully complete the contact form.

Thank you 


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