My Affiliate Journey Case Study and Strategy

My Affiliate Journey Website Case Study

1.1 Mission Statement

1.2 Goals

1.3 Income Goals

2.0 Strategy

2.1 Strategy

2.2 Software Tools

   2.2.1 Video – Web Host

   2.2.2 Theme Video

   2.2.3 Optin Plugin Video

   2.2.4 Automation & SEO Video

2.3.0 Social Media Strategy

   2.3.1 Social Media Strategy Video

   2.3.2 Twitter Strategy & Automation Tool

3.0 Visual Strategy

    3.1 Youtube

    3.2 Other Video Sites

3.3 Pintrest

3.4 Instagram

4.0 Other Sharing

5.0 Email Strategy

5.1 Email Provider

5.2 Solo Ads

5.3 Lists

5.4 Lead Magnets

6.0 Contests

7.0 Content Curation 

8.0 Blogging

8.1 Blogging Frequency

8.2 Guest Blogging

8.3 Guest Bloggers

9.0 Monetization

9.1 Own Products

9.2 Affiliate Products

9.3 Advertising


11.0 Results Tables




Started February 2019

1.1 Mission Statement:

To assist other marketers by letting them watch my step by step methods and learn from my successes and failures.  

1.2 Goal: 

Produce 30,000 web page views per month within 12 months

1.3 Income Goals:

Modest income goals after one year of $400 monthly, achieved though onsite advertising, worthy products and developing an email database to showcase worthy products. (you’ll find that I’m not a hard driving marketer of every item I see.  If I have bought it and liked it I’ll showcase it.  I won’t take any product for paid promotion)

Second Year Goal of $600 monthly

Third Year Goal of $1000 monthly

These goals are not lofty and I am determined to achieve them.  Yes You might think these are low but I want to be realistic and not set myself up for disappointment if it is too hard to achieve.

2.0 – My Strategy and Tools…




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